Final group of ‘Mystery Person’ clues revealed

Published 5:55 am Saturday, October 22, 2016

Washington Parish Fair Mystery Person Chairperson Lisa M. Sprehe and Co-chair Linda Scott are disclosing today’s clues. The winner who can guess the Mystery Person’s identity will win a $200 cash prize. The identity will be revealed tonight at the fair.

Saturday’s Clues

Hooray for the Red, White and Blue. Uncle Sam’s identity will be revealed — no longer a clue.

Originally, residing on the east side of the parish for many years.

Now in the west side of the parish and a recognized volunteer.

For the third time in a row his color guard won the national championship.

To compete for this title this 40 and 8 1360 Conducteur made a very long trip.

Our patriot Mystery Man is a great thinker — An idea man.

This exclusive club he created brings together former fair presidents to plan.

Also, a master negotiator, helping the fair secure manpower to help care for the grounds.

Dependable and true, his exemplary citizenship is above and beyond and truly resounds.

Early in his career, his appointment came during a turning point in school history.

The fact that this was an important transition should be no mystery.

Uncle Sam’s family is the “apple of his eye” — two sons, a daughter, the grands and the Mrs.

Special times spent with them throughout the years causes his face to light up as he reminisces.

We think he is a modern Renaissance Man.

Always creating, improving and thinking “out of the box.”

Humble and true — this Uncle Sam really rocks.

After four consecutive days of clues … his identity is up to the audience to choose.