More ‘Mystery’ clues revealed

Published 5:51 am Friday, October 21, 2016

Washington Parish Fair Mystery Person Chairperson Lisa M. Sprehe and Co-chair Linda Scott are disclosing Friday’s clues. The winner who can guess the Mystery Person’s identity will win a $200 cash prize. The identity will be revealed on Saturday night of the fair.

Friday’s Clues

Uncle Sam answered the call to serve his country, retiring with a rank of Master Sergeant after 23 years.

He still hears Taps very frequently during solemn funeral protocol and respectfully presents a flag to their dears.

Serving as a sports official, including his favorite game of basketball, is also on his resume.

Officiating in this capacity for 23 years, elected as Southeast Louisiana Sports Officials Association president for seven years.

Basketball is a sport that both Uncle Sam and his sweetheart did play.

While visiting the country market, check out the nice cement floor.

You can thank Uncle Sam — Need I say more?

His principal career in life involved the top position in certain educational institutions.

Uncle Sam respects our great nation, its flag and the constitution.

Toddlers of today enjoy watching episodes of “Thomas the Train.”

When this patriot was only 3, his railroad play was not the same.

The “Knickerbocker,” “Sunset limited,” “City of New Orleans” and two different “Little Rebels” were his favorite passenger trains.

Uncle Sam has many interesting artifacts precious to his heart.

One includes his dad and the railroad this patriot was delighted when this he was able to obtain.

The Clues are posted for you to read both in The Daily News and in front of the educational building.

Behind that is a structure with pretty vegetables inside, grown from seed.