‘Mystery Person’ clues announced

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Washington Parish Fair Mystery Person Chairperson Lisa M. Sprehe and Co-chair Linda Scott are disclosing Wednesday and Thursday’s clues. The winner who can guess the Mystery Person’s identity will win a $200 cash prize. The identity will be revealed on Saturday night of the fair.

Wednesday’s Clues

Mystery Person 2016 is usually on a mission.

He is a true patriot and like Uncle Sam, worthy of recognition.

The red, white and blue are treasured beyond measure.

Being of service to his family community and country is his pleasure.

Instead of writing clues in an abbreviated manner.

A novel could easily be written just by viewing his daily planner.

Washington Parish is surely blessed with this native son.

This Uncle Sam actually makes time for a little fun.

Leadership is a notable role for this patriot to assume.

Taking this and other facts into consideration made “Uncle Sam” the perfect costume.

His children, grand-children and great-grand child bring him a sense of great pride.

Subtlety is key tonight — more disclosures could make his identity magnified.

While Uncle Sam absolutely loves the red, white and blue; Black, gold, green, more blue and white and purple are in the rankings too.

One of his frequent places to be involves a certain brotherhood.

Doing what they do best —

Working as proud citizens for the common good.

A familiar proverb states that it takes a village to rear a child.

Locally it can be said that a village is also helpful arranging matrimony patriotically styled.

Betsy Ross created our great nations flag and made history.

Our Uncle Sam was the designer in another important flag’s creation.

To many, this may not be a known fact and still a mystery.

Uncle Sam wants you to enjoy the fair.

When the opportunity presents and is there — remember to thank a Legionnaire.

Thursday’s Clues

Hooray for the red, white and blue.  We present Uncle Sam again to you.

Uncle Sam and the Mrs. share a fondness for the colors black and gold.

Both share a penchant for academics and athletics where they were enrolled.

Uncle Sam was Commander and Chief of a huge local event.

Was the same year as the 50th quadrennial presidential election. Our patriotic hero as usual, dependable and consistent did greatly represent.

Canoes and pancakes are in his repertoire.

Uncle Sam’s career required attendance to the occasional seminar.

Uncle Sam said, “Don’t rain on my parades Jack.”

However, it did rain and that was over three decades back.

One can always count on this good citizen for the best hospitality.

This patriot is always reaching out with a helping hand and reflects his spirituality.

His outstanding talents can even transform a fish pond into a “60 holer.”

Competing with the best he once almost became a pro-bowler.

When Uncle Sam casts his line in hopes of catching a big bass.

Right beside him is his best fishing partner —

A pretty lass.

Crafty as can be, creating his own unique spinner bait.

He knows a good fisherman sometimes must be very quiet and wait.

Uncle Sam wants you to place your guess in the special box.

He is so patriotic he even wears red, white and blue socks.