Mother-daughter dance scheduled for Nov. 5

Published 6:17 am Saturday, October 8, 2016


Denise Robinson, the Angie resident who organized a mother-and-son dance to bring families in that community together last spring, is doing it again.

Except this time, it’s the daughters’ turn.

Robinson announced she’s holding a Mother and Daughter White Affair on Nov. 5 at the Maybach in Varnado. Robinson said her reasons for the dance are similar to her reasons last spring.

“My goal is loving and bonding,” she said. “It’s so much separation right now, with daughter against daughter and daughter against mother. It’s not family. I’m trying to build bonds.”

As with the last event, Robinson’s dance will feature food and music, and this time there’s a guest speaker.

“The guest speaker who will be speaking on mother and daughter relationships,” Robinson said.

In addition, Robinson said everyone who attends will get entered into a drawing for a discounted cruise.

“It will be half-price for a mother/daughter cruise,” she said.

The tickets are $30 each, and they’re good for a mother and a daughter. One additional daughter can be included for $10.

The money that’s raised will help defray some of the cost of putting on the event, though Robinson said she doubts it will cover everything.

“I’ve spent over $1,100 and I’ve sold three tickets. I know I won’t make my money back and that’s OK,” she said. “If I don’t make it back, that’s OK. But I’m on a mission for loving and bonding. If I can build just one relationship out of that night, I’ve completed my mission.”

Robinson said she’s hopeful for a good turnout.

“Anybody with a daughter can come, and it doesn’t matter the age. If they have a newborn baby, mothers can bring daughters and daughters can bring mothers,” she said.

Robinson said she was inspired to do another event after the first went off so well.

“It was (a success),” she said. “I have no complaints about … the mother and son event.”

Robinson added that although the theme is White Affair, it’s not necessarily a formal event, and people shouldn’t be discouraged from coming if they don’t have formal wear. The color theme is white and gold.

To order a ticket or for more information, call Robinson at 985-750-2612.