City seeking road estimates for North Roosevelt

Published 7:35 am Saturday, October 1, 2016


Although last week city officials declined to seek estimates for more roadwork for North Roosevelt Street, this week city public works director James Hall said he is seeking three estimates.

However, he said the city has no plans to do anything with those estimates.

Hall explained that the first estimate he’s gathered, from Huey Stockstill, is for $44,000 to pave the road. The city does not have that much money now, according to Mayor Wendy Perrette, and Hall said this estimate would probably only be good for a few weeks anyway.

“That is a current today estimate,” said Hall. “He would probably hold that for four
weeks at that price.”

Hall said he’ll seek two more, but he’s said in the past that to pave that road would cost about $50,000.

Although the city has no money to do the work, Hall is seeking estimates after Bogalusa City Council member Gloria Kates asked him to do so.

One alternative to repaving the street would be sealing the road. Hall said to seal the road would likely cost $7,000. Perrette said the city could afford to seal it at that price, but Hall pointed out the street needs to settle until after February before any work begins.

The parish road department repaired the road in late June. At that time, Donnell Merritt, the parish transportation manager, said the three-shot process requires six to eight months to settle. He said after the road settled, the rocks and the dust would no longer be in issue.

Hall note that the city cannot do anything to the road, until it settles.

Kates did not return a call for comment.