BHS names new principal: McKinley to take central office position on Oct. 3

Published 7:58 am Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Bogalusa City Schools Superintendent Toni Breaux announced some personnel changes at the high school Monday night.

Although the board meeting is Thursday evening, the board meets the Monday before each meeting to hear reports from various district departments. They then approve those reports on Thursday.

However, this Monday, Breaux announced that Bogalusa High School Principal Lesley McKinley would be transferred from his position at the high school to the central office, where he will be the “principal on special assignment.”

Eventually, Breaux said, he will head the maintenance department.

Breaux also announced that Tonyah Jefferson, the associate principal at the high school, would become the principal.

“What precipitated was that it was that I wanted to move him and get him ready for another position and I wanted to give Ms. Jefferson a chance to be over the high school because she has a very pleasant personality and she’s easy to get along with and the parents like her,” Breaux said.

Jefferson has worked in the school district for 22 years.

Breaux said Jefferson has made good progress as the associate principal in charge of discipline and she believes she can lead the school. Breaux said discipline has long been a problem at the high school, but Jefferson has corrected much of that.

“We’ve been having trouble with that school for some time and this year has been the best year so far,” Breaux said.

In addition, Breaux said the district’s maintenance supervisor will be retiring in March, and McKinley will take over that position.

The move from the high school to the main office will be Oct. 3. This is because the state is currently certifying the high school’s accreditation.

Breaux said she does not anticipate any complications for students or parents due to the transition.

“I hope that the transition will be seamless and we’ll be able to move on and move forward. The kids are ready to get their first report card and we’ve got to be ready for testing in March,” Breaux said.