Bolds running for city council

Published 12:44 pm Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Special to The Daily News

Warren Bolds Jr. is a candidate for Bogalusa City Council, District D.

The candidate submitted this announcement:

“I was born and raised in Bogalusa. I left after high school for the Marine Corps. It was a great opportunity. I enjoyed my time and my service. I was able to take the skills I learned in the Marines and provide for my family. I spent several years traveling in the security business. But, as I got older, I focused more on community and family.

“I’ve spent the last several years as an entrepreneur and a father. I got to see my daughter off to college and I got to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day.

“I returned to Bogalusa looking for the city I used to know. I have come to accept that the city is not the same as it was, but that it can be something better and new, for all of us.

“We can have a city that educates our children, a city that helps them find jobs so they can provide for their families. We can make the city of Bogalusa, we can make this community, better for all of us.

“As your city council member, I would have three main goals.

“First, I want to make the city government more transparent. I think that we can do better than just holding mandatory meetings. I want to visit the local churches and community events so they have a chance to ask me questions and I can ask them questions. So I can find out what they need.

“Second, I want to rebuild our homes. In 2014, I started working with AmeriCorp on the St. Bernard Project. The project has helped rebuild homes for more than 1,060 families. From the experience, I learned that we need to rebuild homes. I want to work for you and get the state funding needed to rebuild our roads. I want to use that money and rebuild all of the district. I want to rebuild our homes.

“Third, I want to establish community and city-wide events so that our children can entertain their young families, here, in Bogalusa. As an assistant in promotions for a Clear Channel radio station, I traveled from town to town and coordinated local events. During that time, I have learned that when children have entertainment at their fingertips, they will stay close to home.

“I am so careful to give Jehovah God all glory in Jesus Christ’s name, with the daily presence of the Holy Ghost Spirit in me for life and evermore. Amen!”