Bogalusa man charged with criminal damage

Published 7:57 am Wednesday, September 7, 2016

On Friday, a Bogalusa man was arrested and charged with felony criminal damage after he allegedly smashed out the rear window of an SUV with a baseball bat following a domestic argument.

Chief Deputy Mike Haley of the Washington Parish Sheriff’s office said that the arrest followed a phone call from a woman who reported that Matthew Perry, 32, of South Columbia Street, allegedly threw a framed photograph across the room and tried to argue with her. According to the woman, she declined to engage with Perry, and he then allegedly grabbed an aluminum baseball bat, went outside and smashed her rear cargo window out of her SUV.

When the WPSO deputy arrived in the area, he observed a person fitting Perry’s description walking down the driveway of the residence where the incident occurred. According to a sheriff’s report, the deputy ordered Perry to stop walking.

When Perry turned to him, the deputy noticed he was armed with a knife that was visible in a belt sheath. Perry discarded the knife when ordered to do so. The deputy then detained Perry and proceeded to the residence to take the statement of the victim.

After taking the victim’s statement, the deputy placed Perry under arrest and transported him to the Washington Parish Jail where he is being held on a felony charge of criminal damage to property. Bond has been set at $3,500.

Sheriff Randy Seal complimented the deputy who handled the complaint.

“Our deputy handled the complaint in a professional manner. Even after realizing that Mr. Perry was armed with a knife, the deputy responded calmly and was able to take Mr. Perry into custody with no harm to anyone,” Seal said. “Mr. Perry’s action toward the victim’s vehicle seems to be a good example of someone allowing their anger to control their actions.

“In this case, Mr. Perry’s inappropriate anger management earned him an arrest, a trip to jail and, eventually, an appearance before a judge.”