Man’s quick thinking saved stepfather’s life

Published 7:19 am Friday, September 2, 2016

Cash Buras still has no idea what happened to him Monday night.

The last thing Buras remembers is walking out of Walmart. He’d just cashed a $50 check and it was a little past 9 p.m.

The next thing he remembers is being loaded into an ambulance on Michigan Avenue.

“The guy in the ambulance told me I was dead,” Buras said. “I’m very lucky to be alive. He told me I didn’t have a heartbeat and I wasn’t breathing and I was blue and purple … He said two more minutes, I wouldn’t be here today. If it wasn’t for my stepson, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Robert Dyson, Buras’ stepson, happened to be with Buras when he lost consciousness. At first, after Buras slumped forward in his seat in Dyson’s truck, Dyson assumed it was a joke.

“We were sitting there, talking and he just passed out,” Dyson said. “I thought he was playing with me and I started slapping him and I said, ‘Daddy get up.’”

Dyson said he dumped water on Buras and shook him, but nothing helped. At once, Dyson took off for the hospital. However, on the way, Dyson said he noticed his stepfather stopped breathing.

“I felt his chest and noticed he wasn’t breathing,” Dyson said.

He said he immediately stopped the car and pulled his stepfather out and began doing CPR in the street.

“I was in rescue mode,” he said. “I had to save his life. I couldn’t let him die.”

Buras said he learned how to do CPR from Bogalusa High School several years ago when he was a student there. Despite the years, Dyson said the routine — the chest compressions and the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation — all came back.

As he did CPR, Dyson said he got out his phone and called 911 and the dispatcher told him to continue doing CPR.

The Bogalusa Police Department confirmed the call came in at 9:33 p.m., and police were on the scene at 9:35 p.m.

“When they were putting me in the ambulance, I came to and I said, ‘Where am I?’ and they said, ‘You’re on Michigan Avenue,’” Buras said. “And they said, ‘If we were two minutes later getting to you, we wouldn’t have gotten you back.’”

Buras said he still isn’t entirely sure what happened, but nevertheless, he credits his stepson with saving his life.

“He saved my life in two different ways,” Buras said. “From getting put in the ground and having dirt thrown on me but also he saved my life spiritually and mentally. God used him.”