Yard cleaned thanks to volunteer effort

Published 6:34 am Wednesday, August 3, 2016

After Patricia Spears, a resident on Avenue B, complained that neither the city nor property owners would clean up a weedy and overgrown lawn next door to her home, a private citizen has handled the issue.

Public Works Director James Hall called to report that Joe Michael Giordano mowed the grass and chopped down some overgrown cane at the home, and he praised the man’s civic mindedness.

“I told him I appreciated it,” said Hall. “There are still some good people in the world.”

Spears said Giodarno came with another man, and she was surprised Giodarno and his friend took it upon himself to clean up the yard. She said the subject came up when Scott Ard, a candidate for the Bogalusa city council, was campaigning recently.

“I spoke with Scott Ard when he was out campaigning,” Spears said. “He said he knew a few men who would volunteer to come and help me out. I did not think a lot on it since I had talked with city officials before on this. But next thing I know, a gentleman showed up and told me Scott had told him of my problem.

“He went right to work. The bushes were cleared and drug to the street. Sunshine actually was shining through. Thank you.”

Spears said she was grateful for the volunteer effort, especially in light of the high temperatures.

“Now if the owner or the city could get the windows and doors boarded up,” she said. “Volunteers can’t do that without the owners’ permission. That would make the place a little safer.”

Hall said in the past the city cannot afford the time or expense required to clean up personal properties across the city, and as it stands, the city’s usual procedure for enforcing its codes may require months of waiting. So, Hall is hopeful other good citizens can step forward and help with the problem.

“It would be great if people would help their neighbors,” he said. “Help your neighbors clean your neighborhood.”

Hall added that if people would just tidy up litter around their property and mow the ditches and easements around their homes, it could improve the look of certain neighborhoods.