City hall turns ‘blue’: Gesture to thank cops

Published 6:02 am Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bogalusa Mayor Wendy Perrette is urging residents to replace their porch lights with blue lights in honor of law enforcement.

Bogalusa City Hall was bathed in the blue light Tuesday night, and the mayor said she hoped area residents would follow the example.

The mayor said she got the idea from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who lit up the governor’s mansion in blue July 8, following the Dallas police shootings earlier that week.

Perrette said she’d already been planning the memorial in support of law enforcement since last week, prior to Sunday’s police attacks in Baton Rouge that killed three officers and wounded three others. However, the Sunday shootings make the memorial all the more poignant.

“It’s in support of everything that’s happened in our country and our state,” Perrette said.

Perrette said she hopes people in the community will support the effort.

“We just want to get the word out,” she said. “This is a small gesture to support our police officers and the job they do. We may not always like them, but when there’s trouble they’re there. So we want to show them a little bit of support.”