Crowds behaved at parade

Published 7:16 am Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Despite the heat, Mayor Wendy Perrette said the Fourth of July festivities in Bogalusa went well.

“The crowds were just as thick as normal,” said Perrette, who noted that the turnout was great for both the parade and the fireworks show.

The city split the cost of the fireworks with the American Legion.

“The fireworks show was great,” Perrette said.

Danny Strahan, commander of the Bogalusa American Legion post, said the crowds were well behaved and everything was well attended.

“It was a hot day but there was a good crowd out there,” Strahan said.

Despite the crowds, Strahan said everything went as planned and nothing got out of hand.

“I think we had more visibility by our local law enforcement than we have ever had,” he said. “So that controlled every situation. That’s compliments to the mayor and her staff and her city fathers.”

Strahan said despite the lack of a permanent, active-duty police chief, interim Chief Gene Crosby was working hard to keep everything running smoothly.

“Every time I looked up, I saw him out there working,” Strahan said. “Those things count, especially when you’re talking about today’s security situation.”

According to the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office, at least two people were arrested over the weekend on charges of drunk driving. In Bogalusa, Perrette said one man, apparently intoxicated, drove his car into a parked police car.

“The drunk driver was of course apprehended,” she said.

Assistant Fire Chief Steven Moses with the Bogalusa Fire Department echoed the mayor’s recap of the weekend.

“It was fairly quiet. No serious incidents,” he said.

The mayor said she’s thankful that overall the event was safe and there were few arrests.

“I’m just glad that everybody seemed to have a great time,” she said. “I think people took the precautions they needed to. It was just hot, so I think it kept some of the people in.”

Moses agreed.

“It’s too hot to be out there playing,” he said.