Blood donors needed

Published 4:52 am Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Blood Center is in urgent need of all RH negative blood types, especially O negative, according to a Blood Center press release. Less than a day’s supply of O negative blood is currently available; while A negative and B negative supplies are also declining to critical levels.

Donations tend to drop in the summer months as more donors take vacations, school is out and donating blood isn’t a top priority.

The Bogalusa Donor Center is located at 324 Austin St. It is open every Monday and Wednesday, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Blood collection agencies throughout the country are experiencing low supplies of blood and blood components. According to the Americas Blood Centers website, ( more than 30 community blood centers across the country have less than a one day supply of O-Negative blood available.

Patient care could be severely jeopardized. The state of Louisiana is in the midst of hurricane season and tropical disturbances are already forming. The time to donate is prior to the advent of adverse conditions to ensure blood is available for patients.

“We’re going in to hurricane season with a critical supply of resources,” said Paul Adams, public relations manager for The Blood Center. “Our staff, electricity, travel and collections can be easily affected during hurricane season making the need for a stable three or more days’ supply of blood all the more important for area patients before and after potential disastrous situations.”

While all blood types are needed, O-negative blood donors are in highest demand since O-negative is universal, (meaning anyone regardless of their own blood type can receive it) it is primarily used in trauma situations when the patient’s blood type is unknown and the need to transfuse the patient is imminent. Due to the universal nature of O-Negative blood, it is also given to newborns when transfusion is indicated.

The Blood Center needs to collect 300-350 units of blood daily to serve over 40 area hospitals in Southern Louisiana and Mississippi. Visit one of The Blood Center’s 14 area donor centers or a mobile blood drive in the next few days to prevent any disruption in patient care, assuring an adequate inventory level is in place.

Any healthy individual 17 years of age (or 16 with a parental consent) and over 110 pounds can donate whole blood every 56 days. Visit or call 800-86-BLOOD to schedule a donation. Bring a photo ID and be sure to eat and drink plenty of fluids prior to donation.