Shall we dance?: Moms, sons enjoy formal event in Angie

Published 6:54 am Friday, May 13, 2016

Last Friday evening, two days before Mother’s Day, mothers and their sons filed into the auditorium at Wesley Ray Elementary School in Angie.

The mothers weren’t meeting with teachers and they weren’t watching their kids play sports. In fact, the boys — and their mothers — were dressed in formalwear. And, by 8 p.m., they were dancing.

The evening was the result of an idea from Denise Robinson, an area resident. Robinson doesn’t have kids at the elementary school, though all her kids did go there at one time and she herself is a graduate. But despite that, Robinson has continued to support the school, and that includes organizing mother-and-son dances.

“The Lord just laid it on my heart,” she said. “I was in bed and I sent the principal a message at 11 o’clock at night, and she said, ‘Denise, you’re more than welcome to have it.’”

Principal Kewanda August-Bickham said she was thrilled to have the local support for the school.

“Our school is the untold secret of Washington Parish,” August-Bickham said. “A lot of people think we’re part of the Mississippi school system, but we’re definitely part of the parish.”

August-Bickham said she’s proud that the school could bring out the community for an evening event. She said the school is a cornerstone in the community.

“We thrive because of our community support,” she said.

For her part, Robinson thought the dance would be fun for both mothers and sons.

“I’m just trying to give back to my community. That’s the main thing,” she said.

Landon McQuigg, a fourth grader, said he happy to hear about the dance.

“I just found out about it, and I was excited,” he said.

Among other things, McQuigg said he was looking forward to eating cake.

Amy Spikes, who attended the dance with her son, 2-year-old Quentin, said the event was perfect.

“It’s the perfect time for it, because of Mother’s Day,” she said.

About 100 people arrived to the dance that included a DJ, cake, raffle prizes, food and an official photographer, and Robinson said she was pleased with the feedback.

“I’m working on ’17,” she said, meaning the community can expect another dance next year.

Robinson said she’s not asking for anything from the community, except a good turnout next year.

“I just want more people to get involved, because you just never know how this may touch a mother,” she said.