Walking path repaired

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, March 30, 2016

While the city has yet to begin any major repairs at the badly damaged Cassidy Park, on Tuesday, Bogalusa Parks Director Landon Tims oversaw a small group of prison inmates who patched cracks at the walkway in Goodyear Park.

Tims said the driveway asphalt and sealer was being applied to further the lifespan of the walking trail, which is now the only walking trail left in a city park.

“We’re going to get some extra life out of it by sealing these cracks and not letting the grass and water in,” he said.

He said the repairs aren’t expensive and he hoped to wrap up the project by the end of the day and have the walking trail opened up again soon.

“With Cassidy Park in the shape it’s in, now it’s all the more important to give the folks a place to use,” he said.

Tims said the city has not begun any work repairing the much larger Cassidy Park. The March 11 flooding tore up parts of the road, playground equipment and destroyed several buildings. Tims hopes the city can secure federal aid to rebuild the park.

“Hopefully since the federal government put money into it, they’ll be willing to come help us repair it,” he said.

The Goodyear Park walkway project isn’t the only major undertaking that’s happening in the neighborhood.

Behind Goodyear Park, several pieces of demolition equipment sit next to the old YWCA building stands, behind hurricane fencing. Bogalusa Public Works Director James Hall said a demolition crew will likely begin tearing the old building down at the end of this week.