Entergy substation survives

Published 7:08 am Friday, March 18, 2016

Despite a close call on Friday last week, Entergy did not have to shut down its Camellia Substation on Willis Avenue.

The power company had sent out alerts during last week’s flood that rising waters would force a shutoff of power, but that never happened. Mayor Wendy Perrette has said the water began receding only inches from the point where Entergy would have had to power down the station.

After the floodwaters passed, the fence lay damaged in the mud and large sections of ground were gone, lost to erosion, but Mike Burns, an Entergy spokesperson, said the substation suffered no lasting or serious damage.

“Everything survived and in relatively good shape,” he said. “The equipment to the substation is elevated, so we had almost no damage to the equipment.”

On Wednesday, Burns said a temporary fence had been erected, and he expects the grounds to be repaired and a permanent fence installed within weeks.