City roads open, Cassidy Park closed

Published 9:38 am Monday, March 14, 2016

Bogalusa public works director James Hall said Monday the city’s roads were mostly operational and open.

Early reports indicated that the Columbia Street and Avenue B bridges would be out until the state could asses damages following flooding last week, but Hall said the state has allowed both bridges to re-open. In addition, Hall said Varrett Street, which had been closed due to heavy sand sedimentation, was opened over the weekend.

“Now, Cassidy Park is still closed,” Hall said.

He explained that the museums sustained water damage and the park roads also were badly damaged by floodwaters.

“We’ve got sandbars in places we’ve never had sand before,” he said.

On Monday morning, he said city crews were going through the museum, assessing damages and doing some repair work.

Hall said as far as city-owned properties were concerned, the flooding mostly affected the park and the city’s sewer system.

“We’re patching it back together,” he said of the sewer system. “And the park is our hardest hit areas so far.”