Storm causes minimal damage

Published 7:00 am Friday, February 26, 2016

Bogalusa director of public works James Hall said he and his department were working until 7 p.m. on Tuesday, the evening of heavy wind and rain.

Despite the storm and the weather warnings that evening, Hall reported no significant damage in the city.

“They had a lot of trees down. The main thing we had was street flooding,” he said.

Hall wanted to emphasize that street flooding is, at times, normal. He said he saw some critical posts on Facebook from people complaining there streets were flooded, but on Wednesday he pointed out that streets around the city were dry.

“There’s not a drop of water in any ditch on any street,” he said. “Your ditch can overflow and still be working.”

Hall said the fact that three inches of water fell in 27 minutes caused the ditches to overflow, but once the rain let up, the ditches handled the water as they were meant to.

“Bogalusa cannot handle three inches of water in 27 minutes,” he said. “It takes a while, and yes, your yard is going to have some water and maybe your house, too, but it’ll go down. It may take time, but it’ll go down.”

Across Washington Parish as a whole, public works director Leo Lucchesi said the storm caused little damage.

“We did have a minor wind storm in Sheridan, and we did have a couple of downed trees … but from the public works standpoint, we did not have any big problems,” he said.