Baby’s gender revealed during MCCA parade

Published 9:38 am Friday, February 12, 2016

Like many Bogalusans, Kelli Jenkins caught a lot of beads during Saturday’s MCCA XXXVI Mardi Gras parade. But there was one particular strand that was particularly special.

Members of the Krewe of Vogue passed by the Jenkins family at their viewing spot near Poole-Ritchie Funeral Home, and began to toss blue beads, blue boas, blue silly string and many other blue items. The throws weren’t only color-coordinated; they were designed to let Jenkins and her husband Bo know the gender of their future child.

“It was such a wonderful day,” said Jenkins, who is scheduled to have a baby boy on July 20.

Jenkins said she has ridden with the Krewe of Vogue in the past, but stopped riding shortly after becoming pregnant with her daughter Dixie, who is now 1 year old. However, Jenkins continued to remain friends with her krewe, and Krewe of Vogue member Brittney Terrell came up with the creative way to do Jenkins’ baby gender reveal.

“At first, I had thought about getting a king cake, and having the baby colored inside,” Jenkins said. “But Brittney said, just give me the envelope and we’ll take care of it.”

Jenkins said she had her ultrasound appointment several weeks before MCCA, and resisted the temptation to look in the envelope that her doctor gave her. Jenkins then dropped off the letter to Terrell and the rest of the Krewe of Vogue at the krewe’s bead loading party on Friday, Feb. 5.

All Jenkins had to do Saturday was wait for Vogue’s float to pass by. Although, her friends had a little fun with her first, holding up both pink and blue beads before throwing only the blue ones.

Terrell also shared a poem with Jenkins on the morning before MCCA. The poem reads:

“Laissez Les Bon Temp Rouler

A new baby is on its way

The MCCA parade will soon begin

This one is special because we can all join in

Purple, green and gold is what we will wear

A baby reveal is what we declare

‘Throw me something, mister,’ is what we will hear

The Jenkins family will grow to four this year

The big event will be held in town

Big sister Dixie will soon share her crown

As the floats go by you will see a big show

Pink or Blue is what we will throw.”

“It’s really cute, she’s really talented,” Jenkins said, of the poem. “I just appreciate all my friends for making that day so special for me and my family.”