Two charged with attempted murder after alleged robbery, assault

Published 4:30 pm Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Two men were taken into custody Wednesday and charged with attempted murder, after allegedly beating up a convenience store clerk and a customer Tuesday night.

Bogalusa Police Det. David Miller said that Ronald Warren, 49, and his son, Kyle Warren, 25, entered the Thrifty Shop at 802 Sabine St. at around 9:30 p.m. Both men were wearing masks, and Kyle had a steel pipe.

Ronald Warren

Ronald Warren

Miller said Kyle attacked a customer and beat the middle-aged man to the ground.

Miller declined to identify the victim out of privacy concerns.

Meanwhile, Kyle’s father, Ronald, using his bare hands, attacked the clerk.

The store clerk, who goes by the name of Hal Moon, fought back, as did the customer.

Bottles of liquor lined the shelves behind Moon, and he said he used them to defend himself.

“I grabbed two big bottles of liquor and I hit him in the face with them,” he said. “And then he ran away.”

Miller said that the customer also overpowered Kyle, who fled.

However, the detective said the two men were unmasked during the altercation, and the clerk recognized them both.

“The store clerk knew Kyle by first name and knew the other was Kyle’s father,” said Miller.

Not only did he know the pair, but the father and son had been in the store only hours earlier looking for work, Miller said.

“Earlier in the day they went to the store looking for odd jobs. And they came back that night looking to rob them,” Miller said.

The detective said Ronald confessed to him Wednesday morning.

“They just told us they were down on their luck and needed money so they decided to rob the store,” he said.

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