Special session will be beneficial for all

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, February 9, 2016

We do not envy our lawmakers. Soon, Louisiana lawmakers will have to decide what gets cut from the budget and what taxes get raised.

This could put more burden on local governments while potentially hurting working families.

However, we are pleased that both of our elected representatives, State Sen. Beth Mizell and State Rep. Malinda White both seem up the job of making tough calls. We are also pleased that there will be some hidden upsides.

For instance, if lawmakers pass a sales tax on online purchases, would make local retailers more competitive and it could help some local economies. As it stands, the people benefiting most from a lack of an internet sales tax are out-of-state businesses and anyone who has an internet connection(mainly wealthier people who could afford an 4 percent tax).

Other taxes, like those on alcohol and cigarettes, would likely diminish the use of those harmful products while also bringing in revenue.

And, as neither tobacco nor alcohol are necessary, those taxes are essentially voluntary.