BPD: Parade viewers must follow rules

Published 4:47 am Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bogalusa Police Chief Joe Culpepper says that many citizens are already reserving their viewing spots for the MCCA XXXVI parade, but asks that everyone shows courtesy and follows the rules.

The parade is Saturday, Feb. 6, but many viewers have begun taping off spots to park their trailers and other equipment.

“We just ask for people to be very careful and respectful,” Culpepper said. “A lot of the spots that people choose could easily be other people’s yards.”

Culpepper said the viewing stand will be on Alabama Avenue, and there are a number of city-owned rights-of-way that offer legal viewing spots.

The police chief also noted that traffic would soon pick up in Bogalusa, as parade attendees arrive to start camping out.

“It won’t be long before you’ll start to see trailers,” he said. “There is likely going to be come congestion at some of the intersections as we get closer to the parade day. We just need people to be vigilant.”

Culpepper said that policing the parade is a major undertaking. He noted that BPD works at 11 other parades out of town throughout the year, in order to pay back the 11 law enforcement agencies that assist with MCCA.

“We just need the help of the public so we don’t have any other issues around home,” he said.