‘Shooter drill’ held at BHS

Published 1:13 am Saturday, December 19, 2015

Shootings around the country by deranged individuals have citizens on edge everywhere.
Unfortunately, schools seem to be favorite targets of these individuals. More and more schools are practicing for active shooter scenarios to learn what to do in such situations.

Bogalusa High School conducted such a drill Friday morning. The scenario was of an active shooter across the street from the school.

Bogalusa High School Principal Lesley McKinley said the drill went smoothly after the lockdown order was enacted.

“Everything went extremely well. The students and teachers responded quickly,” McKinley said. “There is room for improvement, but overall, it was great.”

Parents of the students were alerted before the drill got underway.

“The students reacted to the drill as normally as you would expect them to,” McKinley said. “I had a conversation with students after the drill. They told me the drill gave them an opportunity to seriously reflect what it would be like if that was really happening.”

After students learned it was a practice drill, McKinley said they continued to be serious about the situation.

There were no bodies on campus riddled with bullets during the drill, but McKinley said the school’s Crisis Team worked well with responding agencies from the city.

McKinley said the way everybody responded made him more comfortable should the real thing occur on or near campus.

“I wouldn’t give a letter grade to how everything went, but if it was an actual shooter across the street, I would be comfortable the way everybody responded to the situation today,” McKinley said. “I feel comfortable the students would have been safe had it been a real incident.”