I love a pretty, sunny winter day

Published 9:03 am Wednesday, December 16, 2015

As I sit enjoying the pleasant sunny afternoon under my live oak tree, I am reminded of the many reasons I love the South. Snow is definitely beautiful, but the one winter I spent in the lovely mountains of east Tennessee chilled me to the bone. I truly believe my feet never really felt warm until once again they were firmly planted in the land of cotton. The snowflakes adorning my big toes as they peek from my sandals are all the flakes I want to see.

Ten Canadian geese fly overhead honking their hello. The music of their wings as they take flight is a soft whisper amidst the other afternoon voices. I cannot decipher the lovely melodies of each feathered friend as my grandfather once did. I only know a few, and remember a time in the not so distant past when I would never have dreamed that this was something of interest. Three male mallard ducks with their lovely dark green heads skim the surface of the lake as they land. A lone plain female swims with the handsome fellows.

My little dachshund, Missy, tries to jump on my lap, but obediently obeys when I tell her no. The quiet, slow pace of country life is a balm to my soul, and the wonderful mild winters are delightful to this girl who craves a warm sunny day. I suppose city dwellers and northerners get warm fuzzies about their part of the world as well, but the south and the country are where I feel most at home.

When mourners head to their loved ones final resting place and cars pull over in respect to let them pass I know I am where I belong. Yes ma’am, yes sir, please, and thank you are still part of our vocabulary here in our part of the world, and that’s a very good thing.

My youngest son, Ryan, is home from California for a few weeks. He said, “Mom, I didn’t realize I would be so happy to get back to New Orleans, but when my plane landed I couldn’t stop smiling.” I see that I have done a good job instilling an appreciation for his southern roots in him, but there is a little hitch. He is dating a California girl!

Seriously, great people live all over this land, and I appreciate the different cultures they represent. I am simply partial to my home. My little brother and I are planning a trip to San Francisco within the next few months; I’m sure Ryan’s new friend is amazing and interesting. Meeting her will be a pleasure, and I’m absolutely certain I could learn to love and appreciate a lovely western lady. Who knows, she might be the one!