Bogalusa’s ‘Toy Fund’ will help 415 children

Published 8:29 am Friday, December 11, 2015

Officials with the Bogalusa Toy Fund said preparations began on Monday to cover all the families and their children who were adopted for Christmas.

The program is in its 25th year.  The program’s theme is “Let’s Make Sure Every Child Gets a Gift for Christmas.”

Bogalusa Toy Fund volunteer Oneita Graham said 179 families and 415 children were approved for adoption this year.

Bogalusa Toy Fund is a volunteer group that serves as a go-between for those wanting to ensure a happy Christmas for local needy children and the delivery of these gifts to the families. The gifts are delivered to the parents in order for the family to have Christmas in their own traditional way.

Delivery of toys is scheduled to be completed the week of Dec. 14. Toys are selected for each child in the family, bagged and sorted into sections of town for delivery.

“Adopt A Family” is an opportunity for an individual, family or organization to have a family selected meeting the makeup of a requested family, such as ages, number of children, etc. When a family is adopted, the donor is required to furnish toys for the

family’s Christmas, but may also give other things, such as food or clothing.