Cadets visit WWII museum

Published 8:19 am Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Bogalusa High School’s Lumberjacks Battalion Army JROTC went on a field trip Tuesday to the National World War II Museum in New Orleans.

The Dec. 7 date is significant because that is the date the United States was attacked when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. The United States entered the war on Dec. 8.

The trip to the museum included the 4-D movie, “Beyond all Boundaries.” Walkthrough exhibits included “The Road to Berlin” and Boeing exhibits.

Some 108 cadets from BHS learned how and why the United States entered the war in 1941. They also learned how America came together as one to help and assist the victory during that time.

“The students also examined exhibits and watched educational videos on how the Allies maneuvered into Africa and up through Italy and ending in Berlin, Germany,” 1SG Jack Rogers said.

“Cadet Cpt. Logan Nicholson and Cadet Pvt. Quantasia Lewis were having a discussion on some of the equipment used by soldiers,” Rogers said. “The items in discussion were rations that soldiers were provided while in combat operations. Items included cigarettes, razors, toothbrush, Hershey chocolate bars, and military equipment.

“The one item that could not be identified was a bar of soap, which the instructors assisted in answering the question for the cadets.”

The static displays of aircraft used during World War II and track vehicles included the Sherman battle tank.

Rogers said cadets were overwhelmed at the equipment used during this time and how far advanced America has become today.

Rogers said that one cadet noticed a military jeep with a communications trailer attached. The communications back then were carrier pigeons, used in some cases for long-range communications between units.