Babies are truly a blessing

Published 8:51 am Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Large families are a blessing. I won’t say that my siblings and I never get crossed up as my grandmother used to say, but it is such a pleasure to share in the happy moments together. What a good feeling to know that even though you may not be in close proximity always there is a real heart connection. There is a verse in the Bible that says we should rejoice when others rejoice and weep when they weep. Today I got a chance to rejoice over a new addition to our family.

My eldest brother’s eldest son and his wife welcomed their first child into the world. What a wonderful occasion! The baby’s room was ready and mom and dad could hardly wait to hold their newborn son, but someone else was eagerly anticipating little Eli’s birth, his grandpa.

My brother tried to downplay his excitement, but I could tell it was an act by the way he kept bringing it up in casual conversation. He has two grandchildren, but was awaiting the birth of his first grandson to carry on the Ball name. Paul’s birthday is November 30, and the closer it came the baby watch took on a whole new dimension.

“Ya know, Jan. If the baby is not here by Monday they are going to induce labor. Wouldn’t it be something if Eli was born on my birthday?

“I know, Paul. That really would be something, I replied.

When we had repeated these lines almost every time we spoke for the past few days I knew that Paul was super excited about the prospect. And who wouldn’t be? For his eldest son’s first child to be born on his grandpa’s birthday would be a special thing.

As the clock ticked away and Eli’s coming out party approached things were looking good for a November 30th birthday. Finally, Paul’s birthday arrived and the grandparents headed for the hospital. Once there they nervously awaited the baby’s entry into the world.

At around 6 p.m. I got a message that baby and mother were resting comfortably. Next, I received a photo of grandpa and baby Eli with a caption that read, “Happy birthday to Eli and me.”

Today was a good day.