Many helped me to find a used car

Published 8:42 am Friday, November 27, 2015

I never would have dreamed purchasing a used car in Louisiana would be as difficult as it is.

It seems the state makes you jump through hoops in order to get all the paperwork finalized before you become the legal owner of the vehicle. At least, that was my impression.

I purchased Rod Sabiston’s 1996 Ford Explorer on Tuesday. Before the morning was done, we were at a Notary Public and then the Office of Motor Vehicles Department. Each office wanted their share in the way of paying for taxes and registration fees. Taxes and registration fees did add up.

Sabiston produces plays with Franklinton Community Theater. He sent over some photographs of participants going through live rehearsals last week to The Daily News. While looking over what he submitted, I casually inquired if he knew of anybody with a vehicle to sell.

He seems to know everybody in Washington Parish, so while I had him on the line, I figured I’d ask him if he knew of anyone who might be willing to sell their vehicle. I hit the jackpot when he said he probably had three vehicles he would like to let go.

Hearing that bit of info, my day instantly got brighter. I let him know quickly that I was interested and please not let anyone else get to it before I could get over there and look at it. I figured anybody who is as popular as he is isn’t going to steer you wrong.

Earlier in the week, a friend said he thought a relative would be willing to sell hers. We even went and looked at the car one morning despite a little rain. The car was being stored under a tarpaulin, so I figured the lady was protecting it as much as she could. I really didn’t get a real good look at the interior, but I was in need of a vehicle.

Rod went with me to the Notary Public and the OMV in Franklinton on Tuesday morning. Let’s just say Sabiston has the gift of gab, which is putting it mildly. He could sell a drink of water to somebody on a deserted island. I figured he would be a good person to have with me at these offices just in case I needed a little assistance. Officials at the two offices asked me questions that I had answers for, so everything turned out for the best.

Initially, we went to a Notary that he knew, but that person was not in, so we went to another Notary. Yep, Rod knew Joey Melancon as well and they traded war stories from their college days at LSU. I was thinking the whole time that I needed to get to work as it was getting past noon, but held off and let them stroll down memory lane. I realize it’s an endeavor buying a car. Everything worked out great and I got to the office in time to still do a full day’s work.

Gail and I have a few people to thank for helping us get where we are now.

I appreciate Mayor Wendy Perrette for picking me up each morning and dropping me off at the newspaper. Let me know whenever I can return the favor. It’s good to have good neighbors like yourself. Damon Mitchell also pitched in. Teddy Drummond’s and Denman McMillan’s assistance and advice were invaluable and for that we are truly grateful. Thanks to Zellco Federal Credit Union’s Dee Dee Carrier for her professionalism. Of course, thank you Mr. Sabiston. I already knew these three were quality people, but they proved it in our time of need. Thank you all.

Randy Hammons is a staff writer for the Daily News. He can be contacted at 985-732-2565 or by email at