State Senate debate is Tuesday

Published 1:38 am Saturday, November 7, 2015

The two candidates in the state Senate District 12 race will participate in a debate Tuesday night at 6 p.m. at Bogalusa City Hall.

Republican candidate Beth Mizell and Democratic candidate Mickey Murphy will take turns answering questions in the public debate, which will be held in the city council chambers. Early voting for the election continues through Saturday, Nov. 14, and the election is Saturday, Nov. 21.

Daily News Publisher Justin Schuver will moderate the debate. Additional moderators have been asked to participate, but none were confirmed as of press time.

The tentative format for Tuesday night’s debate is as follows:

• Each candidate will give a three-minute opening statement (Mizell first, then Murphy).

• Five questions will be asked to each candidate, with each taking turns answering. (Question 1: Murphy first, then Mizell; Question 2: Mizell, then Murphy; Question 3: Murphy, then Mizell; and so on, rotating the answering order each time). No candidates will receive the questions ahead of time. Each candidate will have two minutes to answer each question.

• Each candidate will be given time to ask one question of the other candidate. Murphy will ask his question to Mizell first, and then Mizell will ask a question to Murphy. Each candidate will have two minutes to answer.

• Each candidate will give a three-minute closing statement (Murphy, then Mizell).

Readers are encouraged to suggest questions for the debate. Email any suggestions to, or drop them off by noon Tuesday at The Daily News office, 525 Ave. V in Bogalusa.