BPD receives $58K grant

Published 8:29 am Friday, November 6, 2015

The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, in partnership with the National Highway Safety Administration, has awarded the Bogalusa Police Department a grant in the amount of $58,062.

Assistant Chief of Police Gene Crosby said the funds would be used to carry out additional traffic enforcement activities. Officers will conduct checkpoints and patrols to enforcement Louisiana’s DWI, seat belt, and child restraint laws.

Officers will also be on the lookout for the possession or consumption of alcohol by a minor and businesses selling alcoholic beverages to minors. The program is funded for the next 12 months, with special emphasis on holidays.

According to statistics from the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, 42 percent of all traffic fatalities in Louisiana in 2013 were judged to be alcohol-related.

Louisiana Highway Safety Commission statistics stated 42 percent of traffic fatalities in Louisiana were alcohol-related during 2013.

The goal of the grant program is to reduce the number of traffic fatalities related to DWI, seat belt, and child restraint violations.