Voters split on amendments

Published 9:11 am Friday, October 30, 2015

Louisiana voters approved two constitutional amendments, but defeated two others, during the primary election Saturday.

Amendment 1 was defeated, with 52.5 percent voting “no.” The amendment would have created a new transportation fund and modified the “rainy day fund.”

The proposal would have put a $500 million cap on the rainy day fund, and created a second fund to catch the mineral revenue left over after that cap.

Amendment 2 was approved, with 52.9 percent voting “yes.” It will give the state treasurer the option of investing in the state infrastructure bank, which was created to help local governments borrow money at a low cost to pay for projects.

Amendment 3 was defeated, with 54.3 percent voting “no.” It would have widened the definition of what can be considered in fiscal legislative sessions held every two years to deal with budget and tax issues.

Amendment 4 was approved, with 51.4 percent voting “yes.” This amendment will allow local governments to tax property within their jurisdicitons that is owned by local or state governments outside of Louisiana.