Use these clues to guess fair’s ‘Mystery Person’

Published 9:34 am Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Washington Parish Fair Mystery Person Chairperson Lisa M. Sprehe and Co-chair Linda Scott are disclosing Wednesday and Thursday’s clues. The winner who can guess the Mystery Person’s identity will win a $200 cash prize. The identity will be revealed on Saturday night of the fair.

Wednesday’s Clues

Adorned in miles of flowy Carolina blue tulle. Enchanted wand in hand with the gentle flutter of fairy wings is-Bon Fee Marraine.

In the wonderful boot shaped land of fleur-de-lis and fai do-dos where there is the well-known notion of that roux like potion, dwells the good fairy godmother with a French influenced name.

Bon Fee Marraine obtained her B.S. degree in an amazing three. Not only earlier than most-Magna Cum Laude-this fairy winged wonder is quite impressive-most agree.

The good fairy godmother has entertained on both stage as well as various venue. With her expertise and world-class sophistication she is certainly no ingénue.

So many engagements in a seven-day week to attend. Somehow always fitting it in.

Bon Fee Marriane is always ahead of the rest to get things done. This is perfectly illustrated when she was oh-so little when she didn’t allow her mother to get anywhere near the hospital.

With a wave of her wand and the gentle flutter of her pretty wings-she bids you all “Bonne Nuit Amis.”

Thursday’s Clues

Our fairy godmother’s career certainly makes “things count” at the end of the day-the commute may be either clockwise or counter clockwise. Weekly responsibilities to hundreds are provided in the perfect amount.

Bon Fee Marraine is an enchanted fan of two teams of black and gold. But wait, there is a third team of black and gold. As for her three K’s she also has to cheer for purple and gold.

When those winning teams come through-she is much like most of you. Excitement prevails-so much joy and pride for her fairy heart to hold. Bon Fee Marraine is usually the life of the party-more humble than bold.

This fairy godmother met her true love in a very holy place-after 36 years they still have that twinkle in their eyes and a smile on their face.

Her favorite college band is “World Famed.” They have been known to go to battle.

When she speaks on any subject-she gets to the point-no ongoing prattle.

This fairy winged wonder was recently selected as royalty. Her title represented a famous humanitarian and Nobel Prize winner.

Every weekend and then some Bon Fee Marriane dons her apron on a mission for dinner-she’s no beginner.

Au revoir, until we meet again. Contemplate, if you will. Ponder….better still and you could win.

If you have an idea of the identity of the lovely winged wonder-take a guess. See you tomorrow, until then….