More than 20 authors visit book festival

Published 8:52 am Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Washington Parish Library 2015 Book Festival’s authors tent had 20 authors who came and shared their experiences of publishing their own book during Saturday’s Book Festival in Franklinton.

Each author gave a five to 10 minute talk on how he or she started out writing and publishing books. It was interesting that each author had a different reason and experience with their book writing. Some said they had started writing because they had retired, others because they had a story or information they wanted to share, and others because it was their passion.

There were authors in attendance like Bren Daniels and Elizabeth Hilby, who write Christian inspirational, and Mary Beth Magee and Wuanita Talley, who write Christian mystery and romance.

There were also writers of vampires and romance like Josephine Templeton and Lyn Gibson. There was the non-fiction story of murder by T.C. Elliot, and fictional romance titles, such as “The Right Thing” and “Million Dollar Road,” by Amy Conner, and “High Society Down” by local author Becky Guerin writing as C.R. Moore.

There were four new local artists in Rebbeca Abernathy, “Bliss, Chaos & A Bit of Lost Heart…;” Stacey Abernathy, “Rodeo” and “Mixed Emotions;” Wayla Dudley, “Muy Caliente: A Latin American Cookbook;” and Michelle Green, “Dark Times. Many of these authors already have books for sale on Amazon, E-Bay and other online bookstores.

There was also non-fiction writing of local history, by Salley Thigpen Law, who wrote “Village of Varnado Memories of the Past.” Guest authors included Guy von Schilling and Leon Puissegur. Festival goers also enjoyed hearing books of poems by authors Lynn Barzé and Melinda Taliancich Falgoust.

There were approximately 30 visitors that came throughout the day to buy signed books and listen to the authors speak.