Blues festival poster emotes music, family

Published 8:40 am Friday, September 11, 2015

Bogalusa Blues and Heritage Festival IV is delighted to reveal its official poster, a rich, moody depiction of a woman guitar player and her young daughter savoring a lingering melody in a lush outdoors environment at night.

The image is just right for the BBHF, which has developed a reputation for presenting top musical performances, and also for being a family-friendly event that includes educational and experiential programming for children and adults.

The poster artist is Bogalusa native and longtime art educator Monica Rogan who said she wanted to “represent the women of blues this year.” She based the image on a musician she had recently happened across playing blues in a street in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

“I was transfixed by the expression on her face,” Rogan said. “The beauty that she possessed as she played was like nothing I had ever seen. It was like the whole world stopped and it was just me and her and that moment.

“I loved the feeling of peace she had on her face, and that was what I wanted to capture the most. I wanted to express the feeling you get when you are in the moment and music embraces you.”

Rogan said she also wanted to depict the relationship between the mother and daughter as they shared the music.

“I think most people can identify themselves in the work, because it is about the intimate relationship between two people and the music,” she said. “It may remind you of your childhood, your grandchildren, or your children.

“I wanted to embody the hometown feeling in a nighttime atmosphere. Almost like you were glancing onto someone’s porch and witnessing an intimate moment from the past.”

The combination of music, family and intimacy personifies the BBHF, where musicians have often entered the crowd during their performances.

The poster is richly colored, with blues and yellows as the predominant colors. And it’s emotionally stirring, like the finest of blues music.

The posters will be available for purchase at the festival for $20 each.

Marcelle Hanemann is the promotions chair for the Bogalusa Blues and Heritage Festival.