Rev. Merrill brings political activism to pulpit

Published 2:08 am Saturday, September 5, 2015

In an effort to educate the Bogalusa community on the importance of voting and solutions to combating various social issues in Bogalusa, the Rev. Keith Merrill is soliciting the support of the Bogalusa community in establishing the Bogalusa Political and Social Network Group.

Merrill said that the purpose of organizing the group is to form a coalition of Bogalusa citizens to unite residents from all backgrounds. Some of the important issues that need to be addressed include the awareness of the importance of voting and being strongly engaged in community social initiatives that center on promoting the quality of living for all citizens of Bogalusa, regardless of social or political preference.

Merrill expressed that the Bogalusa Political and Social Networking Group’s mission is to educate and prepare the citizens into making well-informed decisions in the local voting process, and to encourage Bogalusa citizens to use their power of voting to bring forth effective change.

“A large number of citizens in Bogalusa doesn’t realize that they have the power to make positive change by using their ability to vote,” Merrill said. “One single vote can determine if a candidate can win or lose an election.”

Merrill, the associate minister at Metropolitan Baptist Church on Charlevoix Street, said that God has been calling him to unite the community for this cause.

“No matter how I try to put it off, it keeps coming back to me that God is calling me to do this,” Merrill said.

Merrill has been serving as an associate minister for six years, and said he has always felt the calling to preach. Even as a child, he would stand up and review the Sunday school lessons. After learning how to write effectively, he offered his talents by composing sermons as well as columns for local newspapers.

Merrill was ordained as a minister by Rev. M.J. Galloway about two years ago. He has also run twice for Bogalusa City Council.

“In every election, unless it’s for president or governor or a big race like that, it seems like the voter turnout is always low,” Merrill said. “I wanted to do something to educate the people on why they should vote, and to encourage them to vote.”

For more information, call Merrill at 985-730-4384 or visit him on Facebook.