Mayor jumpstarts park playground raffle

Published 10:15 am Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bogalusa Mayor Wendy Perrette bought the first raffle ticket on Monday, Aug. 10, for the opportunity to win two tickets to the LSU-Auburn football game in Baton Rouge on Sept. 19.
The tickets were donated by Children’s International Medical Group so the city can raise funds for playground equipment in Cassidy Park. Children’s International has also provided four night stays in a Biloxi hotel for the groups that sell the most raffle tickets to raffle or otherwise give to a member.
“We’re real excited about this endeavor. In the past five years, Cassidy Park has been improved, and we want to keep that momentum up to improve the park,” Perrette said.
Museums of Cassidy Park Director Marcelle Hanneman said the goal is to sell 1,000 tickets.
“I thank Mayor Wendy Perrette and urge all the stakeholders in Bogalusa to follow her lead,” Hanneman said. “I know we have a lot of football fans in our midst. I want to thank Children’s International for providing the great prize and Poole-Ritchie Funeral Home for the raffle tickets.”
Hanneman said the raffle is to fund specific needs.
“We’re planning to erect a small toddler through 5-year-old playground at Cassidy Park. The splash pad playground is designed for 5- through 12-year-olds. We feel that the smaller children need a place of their own where they can safely play at a slower pace,” Hanneman said. “We really need everybody to help us further polish the jewel that is Cassidy Park. This is not only a benefit for parents and young children, but for the city as a whole because the park is a huge economic engine for Bogalusa. It attracts people, and word spreads. Just the impact of the Bogalusa Blues and Heritage Festival proves that, and absolutely everybody comments favorably on the park.”
Hanneman said the city’s current deficit problems means the community must assist in the project.
“We want to make the park’s further development a community project. The city is working hard to reduce a large budget deficit and has only a small workforce in its Public Works Department that is kept busy with other projects like filling potholes and, now, mowing,” Hanneman said. “We need to keep costs to a minimum, so we need the people here to take an active part. It will be fun, and participants will have a reason to be proud.”
After funding is complete, Hanneman said citizens will be requested to pitch in on labor.
“We plan to schedule Community Work Days after we get the funding, hopefully in early October, before the Christmas in the Park displays go up,” Hanneman said. “By taking part in what will be like an Amish Barn Raising, businesses, church groups, clubs, parents and other residents can help get the work done quicker and for a reduced price. And we can probably get the playground company to send a professional to guide the work.
“We strongly encourage everybody who cares about this city to help us sell the raffle tickets and then to come help put in the playground equipment.”
She can be contacted at 750-6584 or at
“I look forward to hearing from absolutely everybody in town,” Hanneman said.