Local children learn art of sewing

Published 11:19 am Sunday, August 2, 2015

The sewing machine was once an integral part of any home and every woman had one.

Nowadays, sewing machines have all but disappeared from the landscape except for large industries and plants. Sewing is almost a lost art.

A group of youngsters honed their sewing skills this week taking lessons at The Polka Dot Tree under the direction of owner Charlotte Hughes.

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Hughes said the young ladies, who ranged in age from 9 to 11, caught on quickly.

“Home economics is not taught in class anymore. Unless they have grandparents or parents who sew, they’re never going to learn,” Hughes said. “Sewing lessons are so valuable right now. We teach them like grandma used to do.”

Hughes hosted sewing lessons Monday to Thursday from 9 to 11:30 a.m. Nine youngsters participated in the sewing class. Hughes said adult sewing classes are being discussed.

“A majority of parents are asking for afternoon sewing classes,” Hughes said. “It looks like we might be able to do one or two classes per week.”

Participants in sewing class included Claire Edwards, Emily Schwegmann, Rebecca Ginn, Brylee Pittman, Libby Lyons, Mallory Arlt, Savannah Crawford, Myra Gibbs and McKenna Rushing.

Students sewed pouches, tote bags and reversible headbands. Another sewing class is tentatively set for mid-September.

“These kids are very interested in making clothes. Most of these girls have their own sewing machine,” Hughes said.

Hughes hosted adult sewing classes in June and July.

“Several moms asked that if I ever offered a kids’ class to let them know. That’s what we did.” Hughes said. “The look on their faces when they’re able to make something does a lot for a girl’s self-esteem. I’m amazed at what they learn in just three hours.”