Rotary Club tree replaced

Published 8:45 am Friday, July 31, 2015

Four days after the Centennial live oak tree was mysteriously cut down in Cassidy Park, another tree was planted in its place on Monday.

Teddy Drummond donated a live oak tree. It was planted at the park Monday morning. He dug up the roots of the old tree and put the new one in its place.

Drummond termed the new one the “Lazarus Tree” because it was basically raised from the dead.

“The tree had been tossed out by a store because it was dead,” Drummond said. “I took it and soaked it in water for a few days, and it came back to life. It’s been at my home in a pot for over a year.”   

Museums at Cassidy Park Director Marcelle Hanemann saw the tree at Drummond‘s home during meetings for the Bogalusa Blues and Heritage Festival and suggested he plant it in the park as a replacement.

“That made good sense. It all worked out,” Drummond said.

There has been much speculation over what happened to the tree that was cut down. It was planted by the Bogalusa Rotary Club on March 10. Some suggested the tree was destroyed by young vandals, while others are of the opinion the tree was cut by beavers.

“I hope it was cut down by beavers and not by kids.” Drummond said. “You can put chicken wire around it to keep the beavers out.”

Col. Bobby Miller said beavers are rampant around Bogue Lusa Creek.

“I’ve got a lot of experience with beavers at Five Lakes Campground in Bush. Beavers love to cut small trees,” Miller said. “There is a big den of beavers near the burn barrel along Bogue Lusa Creek. There are probably five or six beavers in that area.”

Merlin Duke and other members of the community are helping out with the new tree. Duke said he watered the tree Tuesday morning.

“I put a couple of buckets of water on it and plan to do that at least every week day. Hopefully we can keep it thriving,” Duke said.