Bogalusa native pens memoir of caring for ailing mother

Published 8:20 am Friday, July 10, 2015

Greg Moak figured it was only the right thing to do when he returned to his hometown of Bogalusa from Orlando to care for his ailing mother.

Moak nursed his mother for just over six years up until the end of her life in May 2013. The experiences during those difficult times resulted in the book “Lennie’s Love, Loving Lenny: A Beautiful Life,” which was published by independent CreateSpace. The 94-page paperback sells for $11.99. The Kindle version is $7.99. It is also available on Amazon.

Moak is a 1974 graduate of Bogalusa High School and lived away from Bogalusa most of his adult life. He has a sister, Madonna.

Moak lived and worked at Disney World in Orlando for more than 10 years while he was there.

“My mom’s doctor told me she didn’t need to live by herself anymore,” Moak said. “Essentially the book focuses on honoring my mother about the way she loved us and childhood memories. The last section of the book was about coming back from Orlando and caring for my mother for six years and 20 days until she took her last breath.”

Moak said the book has some interesting tidbits.

“It’s an easy and fun read. There are lots of interesting stories in it,” Moak said. “Even in the process of death, there are some interesting things I write about.”

Moak said his mother always wore her wedding band and engagement ring. While in the hospital, one of the rings was missing.

“I couldn’t find that ring anywhere. I eventually found it inside her Depends. This is not your great American novel. Anybody who is a reader could read it in an hour if they put their mind to it.”

Moak said the book was his first attempt at serious writing.

“I used to write in a journal. I took a writing class in college and enjoyed it,” Moak said. “Different times I would keep the journal during the end of my mother’s life. I showed my love for her by becoming her caregiver for the last six years and 20 days of her life.”

Moak said he was inexperienced at tending to the aged before caring for his mother.

“I learned about caregiving on the fly,” Moak said. “Even after she passed away, I became a caregiver for three weeks to a friend who had pancreatic cancer before he passed away.”

Moak is currently living in Nashville and working as a caregiver. He has been in that vocation for less than a year.

“I fell into the category of being a caregiver later in life,” Moak said.