Mary Ard

Published 8:22 am Wednesday, June 17, 2015

“Beth,” Mary Elizabeth Ard, 58 years old, who resided in Franklinton, passed away early morning on June 14, 2015. She was a very loving momma, maw-maw, sister and friend.

She is survived in death by her three children, daughter Janice Persick and sons Kevin Rester and Brian Rester; her seven grandchildren, Bethany Shianna Persick (Mick Mick), Cole Persick (Colie), JaLynn Persick, Drew Persick, Elijah Rester, Jeremy Rester and Haley Rester; and her four sisters, Julie Kelly, Donna Talley, Becky Miley and Shari Strahan. She is also survived by a long time dear friend and partner, Sandy Howerter, and her children. There are so many others that will miss her.

She was preceded in death by her mother, Donna Ard; her oldest sister, Debbie Patterson; her father, Kenneth Ard; and a niece, Kelly Naquin.

She will not have any services at her request. She will be missed by all who loved her until we meet again.

As she said not so long ago, “Death cannot kill what is eternal, which is undying love.”