Families come together for worship at Resthaven

Published 9:44 am Sunday, June 14, 2015

The chapel bells toll calling the faithful to worship. Some maneuver into the chapel painstakingly finding their seat while others are assisted by friends, family or staff of Resthaven Living Center. Warm greetings abound to residents and visitors alike. As in other churches throughout the South the ladies are decked out in their Sunday best, complete with makeup and jewelry. Some things never change.

Many things remain the same in this service as in other Christian churches. Praises ring out to the Savior and King. Cares of this world grow smaller as the bigger picture comes into focus, and we are all reminded that we are only wayfaring strangers traveling through this life to our real home where no sin or sorrow beset those who accept Christ.

Monroe Street Baptist Church leads in worship at Resthaven every Sunday morning at 9 a.m. before leading services at their main campus on 1412 Monroe St at 11 a.m. The dedication of these ministers is apparent, and the reward of witnessing to these elderly saints brings joy.

The lovely choir, consisting of children, youth and adults, lead the congregation in “Are You Washed in the Blood?” and “We Adore Thee” on a Sunday past. The Rev. Chad Jenkins shared the simple truth of the gospel with the crowd.

Jenkins stated, “The enemy tries to come in and move the markers in our lives. He moves them a little at a time so nobody notices. When sin is allowed unchecked in our lives, it breaks our communion with God. Our salvation is secure, but we can drift away by not living the life He calls us to live.

“God’s grace is not dependent on me. His mercy is new every morning. God still lives and works through people today. The same God who parted the Red Sea lives in us. Our health, our families and our circumstances change, but Jesus is the same.”

Nell Herrington has been a resident of Resthaven for more than a year. She moved to Bogalusa from Alabama years ago and made her home here.

Herrington said, “I have made wonderful friends at Resthaven. My husband, Jim Herrington had Valley Enterprises on Columbia Street. My son, Doug, runs it now.

My daughter, Carol Herrington Rogers, as well as my son and 16-year-old granddaughter, Ellen, come to church with me here every week. I am blessed. Christ has given me three beautiful daughters and a wonderful son. My family is strong in the Lord, and although we have been acquainted with grief our strength comes from the Lord. My son lost his son. It’s been hard, but through faith in God we have made it.”

Carol Herrington Rogers is in awe of her mother’s quiet strength.

According to Rogers, “This prayer makes me think of my amazing mother.

“Thank You, Father, for the strength that I have because You are with me. No matter how difficult a challenge may seem, I will attack it with boldness because I know that nothing is impossible for You.”