Parish drug sweep nets 14

Published 3:59 pm Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Two teams from the Washington Parish Drug Task Force swarmed residences throughout the parish on Wednesday and arrested 14 individuals.

The narcotic operation, which began at 5:30 a.m., targeted individuals for selling crack cocaine, heroin, pills and methamphetamine. Arrests were made in Bogalusa, Angie and Franklinton. Most of the arrests were made while the subjects were still in bed.

“Out of all the suspects, we made contact with probably 90 percent of them,” Det. Jason Garbo said. “We at least made phone contact with them. It was a successful operation. Anytime you can get 50 percent of the people you’re after, it’s a good day.”

Those arrested in the operation included:

• Veronica Magee, Angie

• Talage Ratliff, Angie

• David Jenkins, Angie

• Pamela Warren, Franklinton

• Ashley Hunt, Franklinton

• Racheal Gerald, Franklinton

• Raymond Magee, Franklinton

• Jason Smith, Long Street, Bogalusa

• Radonna Jackson, Long Street, Bogalusa

• Brie Ramser, Richmond Street, Bogalusa

• Owen Tufts Jr., Mount Hermon

• Chanda Holden, Angie

• Zacharia Crain, Angie

• Todd Crain, Franklinton