Readers feels Bogalusa is not able to afford mayor’s current salary

Published 9:40 am Saturday, June 6, 2015

Dear Editor:

In 1906 the City of Bogalusa was established. On July 4, 1914, we were incorporated as a city and we elected our first mayor.

His salary was $4,800 a year. From 1914 thru 1978 we elected eight mayors. Each one of them made only $4,800 a year as their salary. In 1978 we adopted a new charter and elected a full-time mayor, with a starting salary of $20,000 a year.

The city at this time had a population of between 25,000 and 30,000 people. From 1978- 2014 we had five full time mayors. The salary increased to $24,000 in December 1982. The salary increased to $35,000 a year in 1990, and in 1997 it increased to $40,000 a year. Another increase wasn’t voted on until December 2013 to become effective with the election in December 2014. The salary increased to $65,000 a year to begin with the election for 2015 and then to increase to $70,000 a year in 2016.

At the same time as the increase from $20,000 a year to $65,000 a year, the population of Bogalusa decreased to 12,726 in 2010 and since 2010 to 2015 our population is estimated to be around 10,000 people.

Bogalusa can no longer afford a full time mayor!

– Angelo Pepe