Community makes birthday special for man with Asberger’s

Published 9:26 am Saturday, June 6, 2015

A mother’s simple Internet request to make her son feel special on his birthday recently went viral.

Megan Taylor, who owns Taylor Farms near Angie, wanted to do something special for her son, Tristan, on his 20th birthday, which is June 22.

At 3 years of age, Tristan was diagnosed with Asberger’s, a developmental disorder on the autism spectrum. His social skills never developed, and he has no friends to speak of. School children made fun of him, and Tristan often broke out in tears from the abuse.

Megan recently reached out to her Facebook friends for help to make his upcoming birthday extra special. She got more than she hoped for.

Her post read: “I’m asking for your help. Friends, Family, Acquaintances most of you know, or know of my son, Tristan Magee. He will be 20 years old on June 22 and I would like your help in making his birthday extra special. If we had a party no one his age would come, so I saw other families with kids like him ask for this request and made their birthday Super Special!!! I would like to ask if everyone would take 5 minutes and mail him a birthday card. It can be simple or homemade, really doesn’t matter. We will hold the cards until his birthday and give them to him all at once. To see his face light up will be a treat. I will post a video. He works hard with me on the farm and loves to sell his cucumbers and watermelons. Thank you for your help. I can hear him now saying I didn’t know I knew this many people.”

Since the posting went out, Taylor said Tristan has received approximately 700 birthday cards. Cards came from almost every state and from as far away as Asia, Italy, the United Kingdom and Canada,

But cards were not the end of it.

New Orleans resident Matthew Scharwath requested he be allowed to throw Tristan a birthday party on June 27 at Cassidy Park in Bogalusa. Another responder, James Chandler, is bringing his monster trucks to the festivities.

The post also brought contact from other parents of autistic children.

“The largest surprise of all is we have been contacted by about 40 other autistic parents who are bringing their children to meet Tristan,” Megan said. “We have them coming from all over Louisiana and Texas. He is going to be so excited.”

Megan and her husband, Randall, recently expanded the farm’s garden from 10 to 15 acres. They have hired two other handicapped children, Jason Jarrell and Travis Williams.

“We are beyond excited to help these children with jobs, love and support, and yes, friendship,” Megan said. “The three boys have hit it off well and are now becoming friends and acting like teenage boys. They laugh, sing, tell jokes and just have a great time while working and earning a paycheck. If our business picks up at Taylor Farms we would love to have a few more additions.”

To learn more about Tristan and Taylor Farms, see their Facebook page at Grandmas Creations, Designs & Homemade.