Smell alerts authorities to package of marijuana

Published 9:00 am Friday, May 22, 2015

The Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office Drug Task Force worked with United States Postal Service Inspectors on May 18 to intercept illegal drugs, which were being shipped through the post office.

The shipped box had been damaged in transit and postal authorities smelled what they believed to be marijuana. The box had been mailed from Los Angeles and was addressed to 28939 J.P. Francis Road in Angie.

The two investigative teams took the box to Rayburn Correctional Center where it was placed in a room with two other cardboard boxes and a milk carton. A narcotics canine then was allowed access to the room and quickly focused in on the box, which was suspected to contain illegal drugs.

The box was then returned to the post office to wait for the addressee to claim the package. Agents waited on the perimeter of the post office property until a female arrived, claimed the package and exited the post office. She got into a truck occupied by another female and a male. Officers converged on the truck and seized the box, which was found to contain approximately five pounds of marijuana in sealed bags, four plastic bottles of marijuana and several packaged marijuana cookies, brownies and candy.

Mabel Lee Mingo, 47, was the person who claimed the package from the post office. She was arrested and placed in the Washington Parish Jail charged with distribution of Schedule I drugs, distribution of Schedule II drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia and two counts of failure to appear. When she arrived at the jail, additional drugs were discovered on her person. A crack pipe and a small piece of crack were found concealed in her brassiere. Her bond was set at $88,468.

Liza Michele Huber, 47, was arrested and placed in the Washington Parish Jail. She is charged with distribution of Schedule I drugs and failure to appear. Her bond was set at $75,500.

Keith Kennedy, 44, was arrested and placed in the Washington Parish Jail. He was charged with distribution of Schedule I drugs and failure to appear. His bond was set at $76,000.

“This is another example of the effectiveness of our working relationships with other agencies, including Postal Service Inspectors,” Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal said. “In this matter, the combined efforts of both agencies prevented this shipment of illegal drugs from being sold in Washington Parish. Special thanks also go to the staff of Rayburn Correctional Center for their assistance. They are a valuable asset to the Sheriff’s Office.”