More meetings to come on Comprehensive Plan

Published 8:54 am Friday, May 1, 2015

District A City Councilwoman Gloria Kates said the Comprehensive Resiliency Plan workshops on April 18 at Northside Parenting Center were beneficial and informative.

The workshops were aimed at explaining the plan for Poplas Quarters and Richardsontown neighborhoods. Dana Brown and Associates of New Orleans authored the Comprehensive Resiliency Plan. Brown is a landscape and city planner.

“The workshops were successful in that recommendations, solutions and goals were submitted and discussed for elements of land usage, housing, transportation, infrastructure, public service, parks and recreational, environmental, economic development, historical preservation and implementation strategies,” Kates said. “The conclusion was that Dana Brown and Associates will be revising the plan to reflect such changes for Poplas Quarters and Richardsontown communities. After changes are made in the plan, the plan will be distributed and another meeting will be scheduled for community review.”

Kates said approximately 50 citizens attended the workshop geared toward Poplas Quarters. She said another 20 attended the Richardsontown workshop.

In a recent City Council meeting, the plan was tabled by the body because of opposition from citizens, especially in Poplas Quarters and Richardsontown.

“The primary goal of the Comprehensive Resiliency Plan is to visualize the City of Bogalusa’s future growth, thus enabling us to apply for grants in order to reach community goals that are to be implemented in the Comprehensive Resiliency Plan,” Kates said.