Lumberjack reunion a great way to reconnect

Published 8:55 am Friday, May 1, 2015

The past will meet the present at Bino’s Seafood Restaurant tomorrow morning as the annual Lumberjacks’ reunion is set to take place.

The event is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m.

The reunion is a great chance for present and former Lumberjacks to get together and share stories about their athletic experiences at Bogalusa High School.

A lot of history is shared at this event each year, as former players and coaches attend the event and talk about what it was like to playing for different coaches and on different teams.

It’s also great chance for present Bogalusa athletes to share what it’s like now and to learn about the history of Lumberjacks’ athletics

Year after year, different aspects are conjured from the past. Old programs, newspaper articles and other items are just some of the things that are brought out for a day where the former and present players are able to get together and celebrate the history of the Lumberjacks while enjoying a meal at Bino’s.

The event began in 1997 and was originally only for football players. Over time, it has expanded to all sports.

If you are a present or current Lumberjack athlete, drop by Bino’s Saturday morning and be part of the celebration while enjoying a meal.

For more information, call Elmer Corkern at 985-732-9844 or Angelo Pepe at 985-735-8655.