Reader thanks his longtime newspaper carrier

Published 8:58 am Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dear Editor:

My first “real job” was delivering the Daily News on my bicycle. My boss was a great man, Mr. Harold Jung. Although not quite as clear as in years past, I have good memories of delivering the paper.

But I have very clear memories of receiving “my paper” over the years from a fine lady, Mrs. Ruby Manning. Mrs. Ruby did an excellent job of getting the paper out to her customers, and also working for the Sheriff’s Office. I would often see Mrs. Ruby out at 2, 3 and even 4 a.m., getting her papers out. She would deliver my weekday papers to my business and my Sunday paper to my home. If I forgot to renew my subscription, she would remind me (and come by and pick up my check.) Thank You, Mrs. Ruby, for the extraordinary service that you provided to all of your customers.

– Roy Scroggs