Woman credits surviving car crash to faith in God

Published 12:07 pm Sunday, April 19, 2015

To meet Miriam Allen is to see a walking miracle. She gives all glory to God that she is still among the living and able to enjoy a full life.

Allen is a member of American Legion Auxiliary Unit 24, Annunciation Catholic Church and the Italian American Club. She also started exercise classes both at Henleyfield Community Center and her church. She enjoys helping with fifth Sunday luncheons at Annunciation also.

Her awe-inspiring story began on Sept. 11, 2004. Allen and her friends jumped in the car after attending Mass in New Orleans. A car barreling out of control heading straight for the car she was traveling in caused her to pray aloud. The events shortly to follow would have a profound effect on her life.

Allen had been raised in a Christian home and believed in the power of Christ to save. When the drunk driver’s car careened into their lane ready to hit them head on all Allen could say as she braced for the impact was “Lord, please send us help!”

The Lord heard Allen’s prayer and saved her life. The events of the next few months, though painful, tell a tale of victory and faith.

Allen said, “Charity Hospital was the best trauma care center in the country at the time of my accident. I stayed in Charity from Sept. 11 to the end of October when I was moved to Baptist Hospital in Jackson, Miss.

“At one time my injuries were so severe that the surgical team at Charity operated on me in ICU instead of moving me to the surgical suite. I endured surgery after surgery as the medical staff did all they could to keep me from slipping away. I have no memories for a long time. They told my son if I hung on for 28 days I might have a chance at survival. People all over were praying on my behalf. I firmly believe that I am only here today because of the prayers sent to the throne room for me.

“When I was transferred to Baptist they tried to save my toes, which were badly damaged, but in November I had eight toes surgically removed. I remained in Baptist Hospital until Dec. 18. At the time of my release I still had a lot of healing to do and was unable to live alone.

“For two months a sitter had to stay with me around the clock. After a year of living with my daughter, with a lot of prayer and determination I was able to live alone and care for myself again. It was two years before all my surgeries were completed. At last, the team at Duke University in Durham, N.C., performed the surgery that ended this long journey of healing that had begun in 2004.”

Allen has wondered aloud why her life was spared.

Her son, Jimmy Allen, gave voice to her own thoughts when he said, “Mama, every time you tell your story and another person is encouraged to believe God for healing, you have your answer. I believe God spared your life because you cried out to Him, and He knew you would tell others of the power of faith and prayer.”