Superintendent touts growth of city schools

Published 10:35 am Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dear Editor:

The Bogalusa City School System is spiraling into a new horizon. After two constructive years as superintendent of the Bogalusa City School System, the fruits of our labor are evident through the growth in our students. It is simply because of the belief in the staff and the students, praises go out to each of them. The pride and joy that I feel about our academic growth for 2014-2015 is overwhelming.

Even though our PARCC state test scores will not be known until around October and this is part of what determines our School Performance Score, or SPS, we are moving forward in many areas.

Bogalusa High School has seen significant increase in the graduation rate, the number of students entering college and the ACT scores.

The school culture and climate at Central Elementary dramatically changed. The routines, procedures and good management skills have given students substance that allows them to focus on the requirement for being successful. The school is safe and clean and maintains an orderly environment. The discipline is great! The instructional coaches are assets to the school. The modeling and demonstration lessons make Central a magnificent place to be.

Byrd Avenue School affords each student the opportunity to build a foundation for future progress. Byrd Avenue’s K-2 students are evaluated on their DIBELS scores. Last year, the DIBELS scores were exceptional. Our kindergarten students benchmarked at 96 percent. Also, the first and second grades scores were excellent. DIBELS — Dynamic Instruction of Basic Early Literacy Skills — measures each student’s growth in reading, the foundation for success. The instructional coaches housed at Byrd Avenue continuously monitor students’ growth as well as assist teachers in instructional techniques and provide information that will guide them in the right direction, thus preparing them for successful assessment.

Finally, Byrd Avenue has a very active PTO that provides materials, supplies and support for the teachers and students. The PTO implemented the Valentines Coronation, raised funds for the positive behavior support program and presently is preparing for the Spring Carnival. Funds raised go directly to the school for teacher needs, student needs and campus beautification. Our students fly high at Byrd!

Our 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds at Denhamtown PreK Center are constantly nurtured in a structured environment that vigilantly prepares them for kindergarten. Denhamtown sets the tone for the rest of the students’ educational careers. The climate and culture are superb. The school is orderly and clean and the playground equipment is age appropriate. Denhamtown follows and implements state guidelines, which provide for an enriched and successful experience. The students have assessment tools that help to determine the strength and re-teaching skills that might be required. Denhamtown is a great place to be!

It has not been an overnight process, but with tenacity, determination, pride and consistency, we will continue to lend ourselves to the doors of opportunity and create successful students that will be productive citizens.

We may have been in the valley, but now we are headed to the mountain top. It was in the valley where we started to grow. Yes, we are moving up!

– Sincerely,

Willie E. Breaux


Bogalusa City Schools